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October 31th - November 7th |  Israel


applications closes 30th June 

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Israel is a 70 year old country with only 9 million inhabitants.

How has such a young economy transformed into the "Start-up Nation" with the highest number of start-ups per capita in the world?

How does it attract two times more venture capital investment per capita than the US and 30 times more than Europe?

How has Israel overcome the challenges of its desertic environment to become a leading nation in agriculture


Find this out (and more!) during the LSESU Israel Tech Trip! 

This year the LSESU Israel Society is once again giving the opportunity to 45 LSE students to fly to Israel

for a seven-days trip, right after Lent term!

Whether it is Waze, Wix, Gett or eToro, Israel has become one of the most impressive poles of innovation in the world. Not to mention the increasing presence of R&D centres set up by MNCs such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, Alibaba, Intel and eBay. 

The trip will be balancing between exploring a historically rich and beautiful country and learning  about the tech and entrepreneurial ecoystem.

We are back!




We will visit Tel Aviv, Haïfa, Jerusalem and the Negev desert. We will participate in a variety of activities,  discover a range of start-ups, tech companies and world-class campuses!  


In Israel, you will witness diverse cultures, experience a vibrant nightlife, feel the warm Mediterranean sun and share many more experiences with other LSE students!

We will of course visit a range of cultural must-sees such as:

- Haïfa: the Technion, the Druze culture, Nazareth and the Arab start-up ecosystem.

-Tel Aviv: its souk, new and old centre ... its nightlife.

-Jerusalem: its Old City, the Church of Holy Sepulcher, the wailing Wall.

-The Negev desert 

-The Dead Sea 



Who is eligible to Participate?  Any student from the LSE. The trip is limited to 45 participants. 

How Much Does It Cost? From £400 to £450 (depending on the departure slot). Please note this is heavily subsidized. 

The following expenses are covered:

  • Airplane tickets

  • Accommodation
  • Tour guide and driver

  • On-site transportation 

  • Round trip travel expenses

  • Visits and other activities

  • Meals

  • Security 

When does this trip take place? In the first week of November, the best period to go in Israel!  It is during the first reading week of Michelmas Term. These dates can be slightly modified depending on the COVID situation. 

When is the registration deadline? 

Application deadline: June 30th, 2021.

What travel document do I need? A passport valid at least 6 months after the trip.

A visa for certain countries. 

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we cannot tell all the documents you will need to provide. We will keep you informed of the latest decisions of the Israeli Government. 

Please note: Passports are no longer routinely stamped.

Is it safe to travel in Israel? All the activities are approved by the Ministry of Education regarding safety. 

I do not think I can travel with my home-country passport, can you help? Yes, we do our best to allow anyone to join us on the adventure. Please contact us, as we work on an individual basis with the consular authorities. 

Can I extend my visit and/or arrive before the trip? 

Of Course! There are so many beautiful and exciting things to see in Israel. Unfortunately, it is impossible for us to show you everything in only one week. You will just have to let us know in advance so that we don't purchase a ticket for you.





We are a group of LSE students passionate about Israel and excited to share the various facets of the country with other students.


Israel is the second worldwide Start-up hub after the Silicon Valley. It has the highest start-up/inhabitant ratio in the world. 

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